The Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning has recently turned 7 years old! To celebrate, Lifelong Learning is giving away the resource “Focus on prayer: Learning to talk to God when you’re suffering, or angry, or furious, or complaining” with Carey lecturer Michael Rhodes (enter the promotional code BIRTHDAY at checkout). 

The Centre was established in February 2016 to enhance the way that Carey Baptist College could support church leaders with ongoing training beyond formal theological education. Through webinars, courses and small group resources, it provides accessible, affordable, quality content to support Christian leaders’ and churches’ personal and professional growth.  

Lifelong Learning is also proudly Baptist, featuring Carey lecturers and Baptist practitioners from churches and organisations across Aotearoa. The topics reflect what has been identified as key areas we need to focus on to see our faith communities thrive, such as growing disciples, effective mission, and robust leadership. As such, some of the topics in 2023 include: 

Navigating the complexity of youth ministry in contemporary society with Graham Stanton. May 2023. 

Multicultural faith communities with George Wieland. May 2023 

Bizarre, Boring, and Bloody: Wrestling with Difficult Old Testament Texts with Michael Rhodes. June 2023. 

Growing Healthy Disciples with Jonathan Robinson. July 2023. 

Small group resources 

There is also a range of small group resources with topics covering biblical, theological, pastoral, and missional themes. Each resource consists of a series of 20-25min teaching videos and a study guide.  

I (Glenn Melville) am the Centre's current director, joining Carey in June 2021. I love the opportunity the role gives me to resource Christian leaders and churches. I am passionate about supporting Christian leaders with training and resources to help them thrive in ministry. I want to deliver relevant and accessible training that inspires and supports leaders as they seek to bring gospel renewal to the churches and communities in which they serve. 

Before joining Carey, I worked in sales and marketing for corporate multinationals before commencing pastoral ministry in the role of associate pastor and then as interim senior pastor. I recently completed a PhD investigating the emotional well-being of Baptist pastors in New Zealand. I hope to publish and use these findings to help pastoral leaders thrive in ministry. 

Lifelong Learning would also like to give people the opportunity to help develop new Lifelong Learning resources by completing a 3min survey here. Everyone who completes the survey will receive a free resource – thank you! 

Feel free to contact me via email: [email protected] or visit the Centre online at

Photos: supplied by Glenn Melville. 

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