Baptist Registration is for Baptist pastoral leaders, chaplains, ministry/mission leaders, Kaiārahi Māori, and Baptist entity leaders.

As Baptist faith communities, we have a goal to bring Gospel renewal to the people and places within which God has placed us through a deep love for Jesus, the Bible, the Gospel, the Church, and the mission of God.

On this basis, the purpose of Baptist Registration, is simple: to ensure that those who minister in, or on behalf of the Baptist Union of New Zealand do so in response to the call of the Holy Spirit and actively seek to maintain their:

  • own holistic well-being
  • personal, relational and professional integrity and accountability
  • ongoing growth and learning
  • organisational safety
  • an ongoing connection with the wider Baptist movement/whānau

The Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning administers the Baptist Registration process for the Baptist Union of New Zealand. The full details and how to apply or renew are on the Lifelong Learning website:

Baptist Registration

The document below has been prepared to help governance groups understand the registration process.