The Baptist movement is a collective of faith communities whose goal is to bring gospel renewal to the people and places in which they are located.

Our legal title and function, The Baptist Union of New Zealand, was established in 1882, although Baptists have been ministering in New Zealand since the 1840s. We currently have over 240 ethnically diverse member churches, fellowships and missional communities in New Zealand who share common beliefs and practices. 

At the heart of Baptist church life is worship and the honouring of God through evangelical mission. Baptists believe that the good news about Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection is a message that needs to be heard. The have accepted the biblical mandate to speak out this message in both word and deed. 

The nature of Baptist church structure means that Baptist churches throughout New Zealand are free to determine the best way to fulfill this mission within their unique communities. This has resulted in a network of mutually supportive churches overseeing a significant number of ministries and social initiatives throughout our country. These include a wide range of programmes that impact the lives of every age, ethnicity, and social grouping in New Zealand. 

For further information about our Baptist distinctives check out the resources below. Thanks to the BU of Great Britain for the Baptist Basics booklet.

Andrew Picard – 2018 Hui, “Baptist Identity – Dead of Alive, is it Wanted?”

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