We’ve prepared some pre-recorded sermons available for use in our churches.

They might be used to give your regular preachers a break, or because the content fits particularly well with what a local church is planning. Feel free to use as many of these as you need.

Sermons On Demand 2024 (December 2023)

There has been such a great response to the sermon series over the last three summers, with some churches using them well into the year. We thought we’d gift churches another series. This year’s Sermons On Demand series, is called Encounters with Jesus (released to churches 13 December 2023), has 7 sermons by both Carey Baptist College staff and Baptist pastors. You can use one, use them all, or grab them when you most need a break – post-Christmas, the New Year, or into 2024.

All of the sermons are around 17-25 minutes in length. Most include discussion questions via a one-page PDF and at the end of each video, making them useful in a variety of settings.

We have removed the “Summer” branding, so you can use this series after summer finishes, and we won’t make these easily/publicly available until 1 July 2024 to increase the likelihood that your people haven’t already watched them.

Sermons can be downloaded, or streamed:

  1. Click this link – a new tab will open in your web browser showing our EzyStream media library.
  2. A popup window will appear listing the 7 sermons.
  3. Log in using the same details you use for the Baptist NZ app (if you have set up a log in), or set up a new login (this gives access to the EzySream media library we use).
  4. Click the blue ‘OWN EPISODE 0.00’ button next to a sermon you want to stream or download. This is set up to purchase the sermon: for FREE.
  5. You can download using SD – Standard Definition (smaller file, less quality) or HD – High Definition (larger file, higher quality). Your web browser will download the file to the location it usually uses – often the ‘Downloads’ folder on your computer.
    Downloading the file means you can play it from your own computer to a live audience without worrying about a good or reliable internet connection. Streaming means you play the sermon from the internet watching as it downloads, which saves hard-drive space, but viewing stops if the internet stops, and may buffer/stall if your internet is slow.
  6. The PDF download option is a one-page document for most sermons that has a summary and a few questions for discussion or reflection.
  7. After downloading, our system may send you an email from the Baptist Support Centre with a $0.00 receipt of your ‘purchase’ – please ignore this.

We hope you find these sermons helpful. Any feedback can be sent to either:

Karen Warner, Baptist National Support Centre [email protected]

Nicola Mountfort Griffiths, Carey Baptist College [email protected]

Sermons on demand 2023 (December 2022)

Last summer’s Sermons on Demand are now all freely available below or via the Baptist NZ app. To download the media files click here.

Summer Sermon Series (December 2021)

Foundations for Gospel Renewal (December 2021)