This 10-module course has been produced by the Baptist Leadership Hub to help you grow in your leadership capacity.

The course covers ten areas that we believe are markers of a robust leader and is suitable for anyone in leadership in a church, faith community or associated entity.

Each module is facilitated by a different Baptist leader and includes video teaching, follow-up learning, and a practical component.

The course material can be used in a variety of ways:

  • On your own
  • With a mentor
  • In a small group facilitated by another leader
  • As an eldership, ministry, or leadership team

You could do one module a month and complete the full course over 10 months, or one module a week and complete the course in 10 weeks. You could also do a “pick and mix” variant and just complete the modules that most interest you – but we think you’ll decide they are ALL excellent!

The course material is accessed either via this webpage – see module episodes below, or via the Baptist NZ app. This is a FREE resource for leaders within Baptist faith communities. If you are not from one of our faith communities please contact Karen Warner.

A “Certificate of Completion: Robust Leadership Training” will be given upon completion to participants in Baptist churches.

Each module will take approximately 3 hours in total and follow this format:

  1. 10 min video teaching
  2. Follow-up reading – about 750 words from the presenter
  3. An application exercise where learnings are put into practice – choose one of 2-3 options

Extra resources (e.g. book suggestions) will be supplied for those who wish to go deeper, please contact Karen Warner.

Better Church Elders video training

Click here to access Better Church Elders…

You might also find helpful this New Zealand made online training resource for Eldership groups and church boards, now freely available thanks to our Centre for Lifelong Learning.

This is a series of teaching videos (15-20 minutes each) about Eldership. The video content is provided in an interview format led by Charles Hewlett (New Zealand Baptist National Leader) with experienced practitioners: viewers have the opportunity to hear from multiple voices adding to this topic of forming healthy eldership and church board teams.

Click here to access Better Church Elders…